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Fever - Meaning of Dream

If in a dream you felt fever, it signifies that in reality you fritter away your energy. Chances are that you are trying to do several things at once, thus you are nervous and worried because of the possible failures, not realizing that you can miss something more important in life. You need to immediately brace your energies, set own priorities and move along the path that has been charted. Follow this advice; otherwise you might face serious troubles.

If you dream that your close relative has fever, it bodes that in reality your relative or a close friend will be sick. Do not worry; it will be just a temporary discomfort, which will pass quickly.

Miller interpreted the unbearable fever as the indication of dreamer’s worries because of insignificant and not worthy matters. Apparently, you tend to worry and suffer for nothing, but it doesn’t lead to anything good and you will only miss the best moments of your life, so take it easy and try to find a decent occupation.

Sometimes a dream about a fever may indicate your painful condition in reality. If you saw in a dream, as if you suffer from intense fever, in reality a physical illness will be the cause of your suffering as well. In addition, the inability to deal with affairs and self-doubt can finally get you out of balance.

If you see a stranger having a fever, it indicates that you offend others with own arrogance and indifference. Try to change your attitude towards people and become kinder; finally understand - you're not better than them.

If you felt warmth or heat, but there was no clear source of heat, it is a good sign, promising strong love relations in upcoming future. You will jump in feet first without hesitation in the whirl of passion activity, forgetting about everything and will experience such emotions, which you never had.