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Fight - Meaning of Dream

A fight in a modern dream book is interpreted as the release of energy, which is not enough in real life for many projects and important business which a dreamer takes part in. If you see a fight, it is a symbol of a struggle of physical body and mind, and the competition of ideas. If you won in a fight, it foreshadows that you will achieve a particular goal in real life. For sick people, this dream portends a full and speedy recovery. If somebody else won a fight, it foreshadows that this person will be able to protect own interests.

Miller interpreted a fight as a harbinger of huge pleasant chores that will take away all your spare time. If you beat somebody in a dream, it is a sign that you seek for favor of that person. If you fight in a dream with weapon in your hands, it bodes the well-being and fortune. If you reconcile people who were fighting, it tells that you will have to act as an arbitrator at the request of your friends in real life.

In reality a fight is a sign of cultureless and aggression, in spite of this, a fight in a dream is a chance to show own opinion, which no one wants to accept. If a girl dreams that two guys are fighting for her, Vanga said that in real life, both of them will propose to her. A fight with a loved one portends rapid reconciliation and lasting union for many years. If you dream of fighting women, it bodes trouble.

If a woman put up a fight with you in a public place, be ready for slander and gossip to your own harm. If you separate the people who fight, it is a bad sign - you will be unjustly accused.

A fight in Freud's dream book may interpret the beginning of violence and cruelty in sexual relations. A person who provoked a fight, in reality has sadistic propensity, and he/she hardly gets satisfaction from ordinary sexual relations. If a person watches the fight from the outside, in real life he/she likes to spy on others, not daring to make an offer to others and demonstrate own desires. A woman fighting in a dream seeks for a young and active partner, full of strength and enthusiasm.