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Figs - Meaning of Dream

Figs in the modern dream book portend actions of a close friend that can stun a dreamer. If you had a dream about a fig tree with its fruits, it is a good sign. Such a dream forebodes excellent health, and prosperity. For a lady, this is a signal of coveted pregnancy. Blooming figs, in a dream of a young man, predict the communication with the desired person, and expression of romantic feelings. If you are a young girl, this dream portends the engagement.

If you were harvesting figs, this is a herald of measured income and increase in welfare.

If you look after the planted figs, in reality you get a sign that allows you to get decent results as the award for a regular continuous work.

In reality, your actions are hasty, if you dreamed of eating figs. Also this dream heralds a strong and long friendship with a person of the opposite sex.

If you cook fig jam, this is a herald of serious differences of opinion with relatives. If you dried figs, it portends that you risk committing a shameful act, which will surely cause your repentance.

According to Miller, if you eat figs, it portends clear short-term hassles. Growing figs predict quiet measured course of life and good health. For a girl, it foretells a successful marriage.