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Fire - Meaning of Dream


Fire, is a symbol of exuberant vitality, a symbol of good luck and success. It's no secret that fire has played a crucial role, if not the main, in the development of mankind. So, in whatever form fire appeared into your dream, it promises change for the better.

Lucky sign, if you stay unharmed in a burning fire. And if you're a sailor or like to travel, or even if not in a hurry to leave your lovely habitable place, the fire in any case, is a special sign of good luck to everybody.

If your house or property burns, even in such case, the fire seen in the dream, heralds the arrival of your life trusted friends. If you are planning newborns in your family or you already have children, then flame which embraces your house in the dream, means that your children will be obedient.

Entrepreneur can dream that his shop or warehouse is burning, do not panic, just enjoy the bright flame of the great fire in the dream, and in any case do not try to extinguish it. After all, this dream brings you good fortune in business and financial matters. The main thing is to wake up in time to not see the ashes of a shopping center, since on contrary this dream has a disappointing prediction.

Trying to light a fire predicts that you will meet many pleasant surprises in your life. Or a lot of old friends will decide to visit you, with whom you will spend very soulful time.

Interestingly, the interpretation of Miller’s dream book explains the fire depending on the profession of the dreamer. For example, if your work is related to literature, and you dream of a big fire, then wait for success and public recognition.

If you are a business man, business is destined to go up the hill, and nothing will prevent from climbing the career ladder or achieving business prosperity.

Dreaming of fire at night is a great sign, unless the flames avoid you.

If you throw some things or wood in a large quantity into the fire, it indicates that you are too wasteful and overspend. If you had a fire where you put more of logs, it means that you should think about how you spend money. Perhaps soon you will regret about own carelessness.

If you see a dying fire, it is a warning sign. You need to pay more attention to your health, stop drinking alcohol and try to have a healthy lifestyle. Also a smoldering fire may indicate that soon you will be faced with financial problems, loss of money and the theft of valuables.

Candle flame portends anxiety, and is seen mostly by women, who worry about their children, parents or husband. If you see fire outside the window it means that you are in a safe place from the fire, and it symbolizes your strong marital status or good prospects at work.

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