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Firewood - Meaning of Dream


Firewood that is dumped in a sloppy bunch in the house or in the yard, it means that in real life you will face some routine or complex work, which has to be done no matter what.

And if you are sawing wood in the dream, it's likely that someone will disturb you with annoying talks. For example, such a dream can be seen after a hard and long conversation with the boss or after a quarrel or dispute with the soul mate.

If the firewood in a dream was deliberately thrown into a furnace and burned, it is likely that you managed to get rid of something unnecessary or encumbering. In addition, if the logs are burning, perhaps, the person who saw this dream is experiencing some pain or torment in this dream, it is emotional experience of reality.

If a person in a dream saw firewood, it means that in real life he/she is very organized and committed to bring everything in order. In addition, firewood in the dream is a sign of upcoming problems in affairs that have to be solved.

Also woodpile may portend some quarrel with a friend or loved one. If you dreamed of a big log, then perhaps soon something truly important will come true, and you will remember that date forever.

If a person in a dream is caring firewood into the house from the street, it means that he/she will face some unexpected event or accidental situation, in which it is important to keep calm and don’t show that something goes wrong.

If you see logs blazing in the fire, it is likely that you will have some inevitable losses or damage.

If you happen to buy firewood, it is a sign of some unpleasant gossip or slander. Perhaps your surrounding is not as friendly as it seems, and you shouldn’t trust them all your private secrets, otherwise they will use it against you, and you will suffer from that.

In different dream books there are different interpretations of this dream. Furthermore, interpretation depends on the specific action in the dream. For example, if a person burns firewood and experiences pleasure or relief during this process, then this dream promises a long-awaited solution to the problem or gets rid of anything unnecessary. But this will take some effort. If you see just burning logs, it means that you probably should be prepared for the fact that something which you dreamed of will not be fulfilled.

There is also the interpretation: if you dreamed of a neat pile of firewood, in the near future your financial problems will be solved, and the budget will be put in order.

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