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Fireworks - Meaning of Dream


Fireworks, is a symbol of celebration, unexpected news or wealth.

If you see bright fireworks in a dream, it means that very soon you will have luxury and even rich life. If fireworks that you dreamed of lit all around you, then soon your wishes and old dreams will come true.

If you dream that you are at some public festivals and have fun observing fireworks, in the near future, you will experience a happy period, which will not be marred by anything.

If firework during your dream causes you some unpleasant feelings like anxiety or loneliness, it means that in real life, your true joy and success may soon be replaced by sadness.

If you hear a volley of fireworks in a dream, then you should be careful in meeting with new people, do not trust unfamiliar people, because the dream indicates a possible fraud in the near future. This is especially important if you are doing business activities or working in a managerial position.

Fireworks also can mean surprise or anger directed against you. So you should be careful with own words and do not start debate with other people, particularly if they are above you by their state.

There are a lot of interpretations, about fireworks. Firework in the dream, can mean joyful event that will happen with your partner, or will be connected with this person.

If you see fireworks in a dream, but in real life you have begun a business, then the dream means the successful completion of this affair and problem solving. It may include both real business and self-improvement.

Also the dream about fireworks, according to Freud, can mean a woman's desire to have a baby. If you are planning to have a baby in real life, it is not surprising that you will dream of fireworks. Thus you carry your real desires into a dream sleep, and salute symbolizes joy from the news of the pregnancy, which is so desirable.

If you see firework from afar, this dream suggests that you often remember something that will never come back into your life. You should let it go and stop living in the past. Anyway, reconsider your views on life and try to understand what stops you from being happy.

If fireworks are set by you, it means that you will travel. For the girl such dream is a sign of the perfect honeymoon. Have fun; enjoy life and impressions, your health will be good enough for that.

If you see a lonely flying rocket from fireworks in a dream, it is a symbol that you will soon be informed of some news, but despite the fact that you will rejoice, it will be a mere gossip, not having any grounds. For women, it is a sign of first pregnancy.

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