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Fog - Meaning of Dream


Fog is a symbol of deception and hidden truths. If you just dream about the fog, which you observe from aside, it indicates your emotional uncertainty, and confusion in your own feelings. Perhaps, now you are faced with a difficult choice, and each of the solutions is seemed to be bad for you, because you can’t predict its effects.

If you dream of a very thick fog, which literally wraps around you and covers you completely from all sides, it is a sign of theft. And if it happens, you won’t be able to find a thief. If you manage to escape from the fog, it means that you will be able to avoid theft.

If you wander through the fog, it means a danger that will appear at a time and place, which you don’t expect. So, first of all, you should pay attention to those spheres of your life where you are doing well - work, family, hobbies.

What if you dream of the fog over your head? Such dream indicated the accumulated problems over you. If you do not begin to deal with them right now, in the future all of them will strike you at once. This dream expresses your subconscious desire to push yourself to undertake some actions.

If you dream of the fog in the winter, it is a sign of disease that is already lodged in your body. Try to pay more attention to your health.

If the fog comes out of the ground and then rises into the sky, it means that soon you will get sick, but the disease will pass very quickly and easily.

Not a good sign to dream of fog in own apartment, it means that you will have family quarrels and conflicts.

If you see someone you know in the fog, it means that you will have a conflict with this person in the near future.

If you dream that you see the fog far away from you, it is a sign of looming difficulties. You don’t notice it at the moment, however in the near future they will be revealed and turn to be a big trouble for you. So be careful, especially at work. Do not put off the work that can be done now.

The fog in the dream portends obstacles in business, grief, loss, doubt or astounding passion. The thicker is the fog in your dream, the more difficulties and anxieties will be on your way.

If you dream of fog that descends to the ground, it is a bad omen for people who are going to travel and want to implement a serious project. If you dream of fog coming from the ground, it is a sign of an obstacle in your long journey.

Dreaming of dissipating fog means that you will be able to overcome the difficulties on your way to success. Sometimes this dream foretells that you will discover something that you didn’t imagine of.

If you dream of a fog above the water, it predicts a dreamy mood and pleasant meetings.

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