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Food - Meaning of Dream


Generally, food in your dreams refers to a person’s business activity. Its level will be higher than before. Try to find ways to get benefit from it. It’ll be stupid if you don’t use such a good opportunity. There is a high probability that you’ll regret about losing this chance in the future. Devote more time to conducting your business. Be very attentive because you can detect some mistakes in keeping the documentation. They are the result of your or your workers’ negligence. Take appropriate measures immediately because the consequences of this carelessness will be distressing for you.

If in your dream you’re eating all alone, it is an unfavorable sign. It refers to some petty troubles in the future, with which you’ll cope quickly. Cheer up!

Also, such a dream bodes an unwanted separation with your sweetheart and regress in your relationships. Don’t be upset! This parting is temporary due to some circumstances you’re unable to change. Instead, try to see the advantages even in such an unfavorable situation.

Eating in a friendly company in your dream is quite opposite to the previous interpretation as well as eating tasty food. It bodes you success in your business affairs and welfare. The problems won’t annoy you in the nearest future. So, just continue doing your work and enjoy the results of it. In any case, don’t let yourself relax and put on airs! Remember that if you don’t make efforts, your success will come to naught.

However, eating tasteless food foretokens that you’ll be unsatisfied with your work or actions. You’ll clearly understand that you’ve made a mistake and will try to correct it. Err is human. What is more important is to admit our faults and correct them. That is how we learn.

For a sick person eating in his/her dream presages rapid recovery, but for a healthy one it foreshadows a disease. Take care of your health! If you feel slight malady, it’s better to apply to a doctor. In any case, medical examination won’t be excess for you.

If you’re seeing or eating food that is past its sell-by date, it betokens you troubles in the future.

Preparing food in your dream pushes you to try yourself in some other activity. Maybe it is a sign that you’re ready to move forward; you’ve overgrown your current position at work and are ready to take more serious responsibilities. Or it may denote that you are bored with your job and want to switch it. Life is too short to do what we don’t like.

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