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Forget - Meaning of Dream

Loss of memory and forgetting about important events or things in a dream is necessarily a warning sign that indicates dreamer’s unworldliness and inability to understand the current situation, or the life in particular.

If you’ve lost your memory completely, the subconscious mind tells you that you feel inner anxiety and uncertainty. Also, a dream about forgetting something may portend that in foreseeable future you will have to face the people from the past or uncompleted issues.

If you've forgotten where you live or work, or you can’t remember where you're going, it's a clear signal that in real life you feel helpless. If you forgot the location of streets, institutions or houses in own city, this dream warns of impending difficulties.

In a dream someone else forgets something, this means that a person you know is in need requiring your help. Most likely, in real life, you noticed that a friend has difficulties in understanding the situation and solving own problems, and your subconscious mind hints you to help.

Vanga interpreted partial or complete loss of memory as the signals of inner restlessness and lack of understanding the reality. Also these dreams state that you are seriously mistaken in life, and something very important may disappear from your life. A dream, as if you finally remembered important information that was previously neglected or forgotten, on the contrary, is considered as a good sign portending the solution of problems that have been a heavy moral burden.