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Fork - Meaning of Dream


Fork, is a symbol of a trap. Enemies will prepare you a trap. For people in love, a fork in a dream threatens separation or quarrel.

For a girl, the dream about fork can bring a new romantic acquaintance with a man. This acquaintance will be fleeting but memorable. For a married woman, fork, foretells a quarrel with her husband.

Fork can mean unexpected guests coming and loss of favorite thing. It is also possible that you face a reproach from a man who is not indifferent to you.

If in the dream you eat with a fork, then you are destined to part with your boyfriend for a while.

Fork in the dream can bring you trouble.

If you buy flatware, it means bustle in your life; if you sell forks, it means that you will get rid of worldly turmoil.

If you dream that you prick someone with a fork, it means that someone wants to use you; fork marks, mean betray of a loved one in a difficult moment.

Silver or gold fork promises quarrel over money; old fork predicts major quarrel, initiated by you.

If you see not yours but somebody else’s fork, it means that you have to be ready for domestic troubles, such as flooding by neighbors.

Fork in own hand with clear outlines of sharp teeth, predicts success in the business field. If you see such a fork in other’s hands, be careful when someone wants to put the blame on you.

If you were hurt with a fork, and you see blood out of the wound, it means that you will receive a favorable written notice. It will inspire confidence and hope for a brighter future.

If you bend a fork in a dream, it means that you will feel discontent of your household.

If the fork is seen next to the plate, it means that the source of your income may be threatened.

Fallen fork symbolizes a crime that will be associated with the business, but you will not commit it.

Fork can symbolize bifurcation, which will arise in your way: you have to make a difficult choice.

If you hold the fork in your mouth, it means that your affairs will suddenly change.

Usually, this item is considered to be a bad sign or a symbol of resentment. It is also believed that the fork is preparing the unsuspecting person for home dismay associated with the sudden appearance of a hectic guest. Also, many astrologers believe, that it can mean the loss of some necessary things.

However, sometimes a fork in the dream books is interpreted quite differently. It is perceived as a pointer to a great success in business, success in affairs and assistance of strong supporters. Others believe that it marks the murder. Dropped fork, means invasion in the privacy of the dreamer.

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