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Fortune-teller - Meaning of Dream

If you tell fortune in a dream, it portends that you will gain some useful things absolutely for nothing.

To dream of someone telling fortunes– some events will bring you together with influential people who agree to assist you in a new endeavor.

If somebody tells fortune to you, it means happiness and well-being.

If you communicate with a fortune-teller in a dream, it foretells that celebration in your home will turn into grief and loss.

In a dream you tell fortunes before the holiday with friends or girlfriends, it's a sign that you are tired of present life and you want to change it, but you don’t any possible means to do that. Try not to take any active steps, in a peaceful meditation the solution will come to you much faster.

If you see that you tell fortunes alone, in reality you need to balance your life. You are wasting your energy in vain at the moment.

If you do fortune telling for someone else, soon someone of your folks will need your help. Whatever happens try not to deny him. In the future, it may happen that you will find yourself in this place, be cautious.

A dream, in which you go to a fortune-teller, means that you live and act as circumstances dictate and feel very comfortable. You won’t be responsible for anything, the responsibility lies on shoulders of others. Don’t forget that the situation can change and the burden of affairs will be piled on you, so be prepared.