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Freckles - Meaning of Dream

Modern dream book say, if a woman's face is completely covered with freckles, then she might face different small troubles while dreaming of happiness. She must concentrate all the will and mind in order to achieve the desired happiness.

If a girl stared at her reflection and saw a lot of freckles, it foretells a cunning opponent/rival. The girl must act urgently; otherwise the competitor will be chosen by her lover.

Miller said that freckles for a girl is a harbinger of bad events that can darken her happiness. Observing freckles for a long time in the mirror predicts break up with a loved one.

Freckles in Freud's dream book symbolize the brightness of nature. People with freckles predict a future meeting with a bright special person, who masterfully own all the secrets and techniques of sex. If freckles were on your face, you will get a chance to have sex in a special exotic location. This opportunity will be provided by a partner without complexes, but with rich imagination. This sexual contact should be full of exotics and unforgettable emotions.

If you have the attempt to remove freckles, it foretells that you might lose a loved one.

To see the freckles on the faces of others means to get a good offer, which will bring you happiness.