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Fry / Roast - Meaning of Dream

If you fry or roast the meat on the grill or on the stove, it portends that you will get an important and timely favor. If you roast the wild fowl, it promises you the feeling of inner satisfaction and excessive wealth.

If you fry onion, it heralds serene existence, and stable, but not substantial income.

If a woman roasts coffee in a dream, in fact she will get a chance to marry a foreigner.

Fish frying predicts a quarrel with a husband. If a woman serves a table with the roast meat, it reality she will have a burst of energy and assertiveness required in a new field.

If you dream of a roasted lark, it is a sign of unforgivable mistake in reality. Fried pancakes portend sensual pleasures.

If you fry something inedible, it tells that you will be engaged in boondoggle and will spend your energy in vain.

Miller interpreted the process of frying as a change in the affairs the other way round. If you see the process of cooking from the outside, the changes will affect the affairs of close ones.

To fry the fish in a dream tells that you should get ready for a long journey. If you feed someone with the roasted meat, you might get to know about the disease of this person.

If you eat chips, you will be able to find a decent job and get a substantial benefit. If you fry potatoes, it portends that you will soon get married.

Freud's dream book states that fried potatoes symbolize preparation for intimacy. Flipping pancakes in the process of frying portends the desire for unusual sexual relations. If you fry the mushrooms in a dream, in reality you might have a predisposition to the disease of reproductive organs. Fried fish indicates the ability to take care of a partner.

There is a very interesting interpretation of a dream about frying the sunflower seeds. If a dreamer does it alone, it is a prognostic of upcoming feeling of firm belief and faith. But depending on the circumstances of dreamer’s life the belief might relate to own strength, someone else’s abilities, faith in God and belief in the inevitability of life's problems. The main thing is to believe in something good.

But if someone else fries the sunflower seeds, it can say that in reality someone may try to cheat. After such a dream you just have to be more attentive to the actions of others, and when signing the documents. Especially important is a dream for those whose income and financial well-being depends on the deals.