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Gallows - Meaning of Dream

If you saw the execution of your friend, it predicts ordeal that you will have to go through. You have to move on and steadfastly endure the situation, then you will be able to avoid a great disaster.

If you saw yourself on the gallows, beware of evil and insincere friends, they can easily make you a victim of circumstances.

For a young wife, dreaming of her husband on the gallows foretells a bad marriage. Her husband will be a treacherous and unprincipled man, life with whom will be very difficult.

If in a dream you were able to save someone from the gallows, you will soon buy something that you have long dreamed of.

If you hanged your enemy – be ready for success in all spheres.

Miller stated, that if your friend was hanged on the gallows, you have to make an important decision about some urgent and complicated case in real life. Hurry up with this solution, in order to avoid the trouble. Someone was going to hang you but you managed to escape, it means that in reality you will become the owner of profitable business.

According to Vanga, the rope on the gallows talks about destiny. If it was torn, then in reality you are in a grave danger. You will be able to avoid it, but only if you exercise caution and circumspection. If you created the gallows and made knots on the rope, in reality you are surrounded by completely wrong people. You need to break all sorts of relationships with them urgently; otherwise you won’t be able to avoid trouble. If the rope on the gallows is too long, you are destined to have a long life, but it is unlikely to be called unclouded. Do not risk wasting all the time and be alert.

Freud stated that empty rope hanging from the gallows is a symbol of your diligence in sexual relations. You carefully choose your partners, and do not advertise own exploits. If the rope on the gallows was cut or torn, be wary of problems with potency.