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Gamble - Meaning of Dream


If you have a desire to gamble in a dream or have the feeling of excitement/ardor, it means that your life will be filled with passion, and a lot of new positive emotions will occupy your mind. You will not be ready for such a turn of events; therefore it will be unexpected for you. But after some time you will realize that everything is great and you can enjoy your life fully.

In the dream you lose something (money, property, belongings) due to your gambling, it means that in real life you will be able to overcome troubles. You have potential and power to get rid of any hassle or obstacle on your way, therefore any problem will be easily solved.

If you see yourself gambling with big amounts of money, it means that you will be surrounded with vulgar people, and you will be satisfied with the expense of somebody else. Maybe, because of this you will lose a friend. If you think that you can always take and never give back – you are wrong. Your friends will not like your desire to use their money, so you need to be responsible for own expenses alone. You just need to work a bit harder in order to be able to spend as much money on your entertainment as you want.

If you become bankrupt in your dream because of gambling, it means that your energy and self-confidence will help you to organize your deals and affairs. You never know that you have enough power for fulfillment of your dreams. But now is time to act. Whatever you start will bring you profit and this will be a first step towards your goal.

If you dream that you are gambling, it means that some events, which you were expecting for a long time, will finally happen in your life. Card game promises you a dishonest profit. If you dream that you are playing cards for money, it means that soon you will take part in changing of someone’s destiny. Perhaps, your decision will be crucial and will change a person's life forever. If you scatter cards because of your failure in the game, it is a sign that you are very concerned about some upcoming events. You need to deal with each issue separately. If you do not do this, then you will be trapped in even greater problems.

Women usually dream of gambling, as a sign of intrigue. It can be a conspiracy against someone or a romance, especially a secret. If a woman counts her gain from gambling, it means that she will have a fast romantic affair, which will bring a lot of positive emotions. But the process of playing cards for a woman in a dream is a bad sign. Most likely, she will lose a man, or will not be able to find one.

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