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Garland - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of lit garlands, such a dream promises you recognition among representatives of the opposite sex. Don’t lose your chance, you might find your real love among them.

Garland symbolizes some chain of events; the length of garland indicates how these events will extend in time. If it is long, you will enjoy something for a long time, if a garland is short, it tells that something happen unexpectedly, and will finish very fast.

If you are getting ready for a party and hang holiday garland, it foretells that your cultural level will rise and you will attend different exciting and educational activities or events.

If you see that glowing garlands look like a bright colorful kaleidoscope, it bodes that in real life someone of the opposite sex will surround you with care and support.

To see yourself mess up a garland, and have difficulties to unravel it, foreshadows that you might become lonely and this state of affairs will burden you. Don’t be upset, everything has the tendency to end or change.

To tear or break a garland in your dream foretells the encounter with unpleasant events associated with your family or children.

If a garland is knotty, it is a bad sign which predicts loneliness, and for people in love, it is an omen of a farewell.

If you see fresh flowers in a garland/chain, it is a sign that you are bearing some plans in your head for too long already. Perhaps, it is time to move forward and think of its implementation.

Paper or dried flowers in a chain indicate the futility of effort, artificial feelings or excessive tardiness.

If you see colorful lanterns in the chain/garland, it bodes that you will receive a small, but pleasant surprise.