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Gates - Meaning of Dream

Gates symbolize various obstacles and difficulties. If you see gates been closed directly in front of you, it signifies that your hopes are unfeasible; if it opens in front of you, it promises the fulfillment of dreams.

Opening the gates in a dream, you proceed to meet success in business in real life, forgetting about the hardships and grievances. Dreaming of a broken gate foretells distress in the family.

A dream, where you are standing at the church gates, promises to facilitate mental suffering. If you closing the gates behind you, it bodes that you might avoid the danger. If you pass through the gates in a dream, be ready for disappointing news.

A gate leaf, driven by the wind, indicates your irresponsible attitude to business.

Miller interpreted gateway as problems at work, serious mistakes in matters, and sad news. Locked gates signify insurmountable difficulties. If you dream that you closed the gates, in reality you will gain success in business, and will have new pleasant acquaintance.

If you dream that your desire to go through the gate was not fulfilled, because you could not open them, in real life all your plans will fail.

To dream that you pass through the gate - predicts disturbing news. There are possible misunderstandings and missteps in the business sphere.

Broken old gate in a dream forebodes controversial circumstances.

If you try to go through the gate or open them, it portends that your efforts will fail.

If you swing on the gate, it predicts that someone will involve you in useless vanity adventure.

To go through the gate in a dream, foreshadows that soon you will do something absolutely uncharacteristic for you. If you think that you would never learn how to paint or dance, in foreseeable future, you will open a new creative talent. Try not to miss the opportunity to improve your inner world and make it more interesting and rich.

Dreaming of someone climbing over your gate signifies a risk being influenced by a person who does not wish you good. You won’t even fell that you start to do things that your manipulator wants. Be more careful in revelation, especially with people whom you know not for long.