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Gay - Meaning of Dream

Dreaming as if your son is gay is an omen that your wellbeing will be ruined by sudden misfortune. Because you didn’t expect such situation, it will be a surprise for you, however if you think it through very carefully you can find the way out and rebalance your life with ease.

If you take part in a dream in a homosexual act, it is a symbol of your feeling of remorse.

For a girl, to see a homosexual during her dream foretells betrayal of her lover.

Homosexual seen during a dream warns that you have to be ready for unpleasant events. And if homosexuals do not cause your dislike, it foretells that misery and hardships will elude you.

Gay in a dream bodes numerous conflict situations: you have not learned that your first enemy is your tongue. The more disgusting a gay is, the greater your trouble will be.

If in a dream you see how a gay is flirting with you, it is a warning that somebody is trying to tell that your happiness is hanging by a thread, and your negligence can break fragile feelings. If in a dream you are indifferent to the homosexual, it bodes that you will pull through emerging problems easily.

Dreaming as if you were a gay indicates that remorse has crept into your soul and it doesn’t allow you to calm down soon.