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Geography - Meaning of Dream

If in a dream you are a teacher or just observe children learning geography, it portends that you are going to have a distant travel, perhaps even abroad.

Learning or reading something about geography and other countries foretells the change of residence.

If you study geography in your dream, it signifies that you are a person who easily undertakes any changes in life.

If you buy a book of geography, the dream advises you to hold back from dreaming about something that is destined not to come true.

If in a dream you observe a geographic atlas, then in reality try not to make rash decisions, especially if it is associated with a travel or a business trip.

Torn or lost geographic map indicates that your hopes for the best will not be achieved.

If you glue a map, it foreshadows that you will be attracted to the place where you can find you love or an object of admiration, moreover it is going to be far away from your home.

A dreaming about geography predicts that soon you will go into business trip.

If you dream of birds flying north, it portends that you are going to face bleak prospects in commercial cases and frustration in family life. If birds fly south - you will have an emotional reunion with friends, for lovers, it signals of loyalty to each other.

If you dream of a wrong geographical map with false location of all objects, it signals of a doubt about the implementation of your own plans. Looks like you should manage your affairs more carefully.