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Geranium - Meaning of Dream


Everybody knows that the flowers symbolize always something beautiful. This applies not only to the dream, but to reality as well. The flowers are given on holidays and celebrations. And no wonder they are seen in a dream, it means that everything in life is getting better, unless, of course, you see a wilted flower.

Primarily, geranium, as well as any representative of floral kingdom, means various representations and sexual fantasies.

Blooming geraniums, usually for young girls, in a dream means that soon she will meet her future husband. Also blooming flower means that soon many cherished dreams will come true.

If you see a blooming geranium in a dream, for women, it means that soon she will get a few marriage proposals from wealthy admirers with high status in society. Dream warns, to be careful not to make mistakes while choosing a partner.

To see geraniums pot in own house, is a symbol of calm and happy family life. If geranium is abundantly blooming, it means fulfillment of all desires. If you dream that a man carries on his head a pot with geranium, in reality, he will get to know about his wife’s pregnancy.

If you come to visit your friends and see pots of geraniums on the windowsill, it is evidence that you aspire to warmth of a home.

If you breed geranium, it means problems in the family, which will require your direct involvement.

Also it means a rapid and reliable recovery (if ill); fulfillment of an old dream; unusual abilities; honor and glory.

If geranium is withered it means that you have to strengthen efforts to keep own word.

To water, indicates that children require increased attention.

If you dream that you have a headache because of geranium smell, it means that at work you will have quarrels and scandals.

To pick up flowers of geranium, means that you will take advantage of the opportunity.

Geranium is a reflection of the desire to please and /or be loved. It symbolizes your plans related to the home and housework.

If you are pleased with geranium flowers, it means comfort and warmth in home relationships.

Faded geraniums, is a sign of family problems, and sometimes the disorder in the family. This dream suggests that you are doing something wrong and your happiness is under risk.

Yellow geranium, symbolizes a sober mind.

Pink flowers of geranium, symbolize preference. It is also a symbol of sexual fantasies and representations.

If you take care of blooming geraniums, it means to take care of a daughter and worry about her.

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