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Gold - Meaning of Dream


Gold in our dreams is a very disputable sign. On the basis of different sources, it can be interpreted very differently. Its meanings even contradict each other. We’ll provide you with the fullest range of its interpretations below. Then, it is up to you whether to take them all into consideration or not.

According to some sources, seeing gold in your dream is identified with material wealth. Your family isn’t and won’t be in need for anything, at least in the nearest future. Remember your hard way to gain all this and the fact that you can lose everything in a blink if you aren’t attentive and responsible. To have a penny to your name in the future, don’t waste money with both hands. Invest them in some business, use sparingly or save.

Also, a dream with gold can symbolize some pleasant and unforgettable moments from the past. Maybe, nostalgia for something or somebody will seize you soon. Don’t be surprised when you receive an invitation to a college/university or school reunion. You’ll be pleased to recollect the past events. Sometimes, we should devote us to this to lighten our heart.

Other sources interpret an image of gold in our dreams as an unfavorable one. They assume that a person who saw it in his/her dream will be impoverished soon. He/she will have to undergo hardships. That’s why it is very dangerous to lose your heart if something goes wrong, no matter whether it happens because of you or somebody/something else. In such a case, you have to take a situation under control not to lose everything and catch at a straw. If you do everything you can, the result won’t keep you waiting, and your financial difficulties will be overcome rather soon.

Holding the gold in your hands denotes that you’ll be successful almost in any business you get down to. So, if there is some idea/ideas on your mind, don’t hesitate and start bringing it to life. There are good chances that it will be very beneficial for you. It will help you to create happy future. Don’t miss such a great opportunity.

If you’ve found this precious metal in your dream, it implies that soon there will be a good opportunity for you to reveal your talent and show your paces. It may be the beginning of a successful career if you don’t miss your chance.

But if you’ve lost it in your dream, it suggests that you won’t succeed in using some promising chance, which the fate prepared for you, reasonably.

If a girl/woman is seeing that she is presented with jewelry in her dream, it bodes a happy marriage and family life.

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