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Granite - Meaning of Dream

To dream that you split granite into two equal parts means that at work you will be heavily loaded by tasks, but your boss will meet halfway and will find you a partner with whom business will be managed faster.

If a girl asks a dreamer to present her a ring with granite, it indicates that she is impregnable and all his courtship will not bring any result. Therefore it is better to pay attention to other young ladies who will be more accommodating and will show favor.

To get burned by granite boulder bodes to have a new friend who will be envious and will do everything to make a dreamer lose his/her reputation of impeccable person, who is an authority for friends and colleagues.

Granite is a very ambiguous symbol that can be interpreted differently. That is why it is important to consider components of a dream when interpreting it.

To eat granite portends to enroll in university, studies in which will be not easy, so a dreamer will make a decision to transfer to another school a few times, but his/her parents and friends will discourage him/her from doing that.

For an elderly person a dream with granite foretells mastering of something new, but, despite the fact that the material is not very clear, a dreamer can achieve own goal.

To dream of granite used to make a monument, foretells death, as well as serious illness that will suddenly knock a dreamer down.

Granite boulder promises a dreamer busy work and a lot of tasks to do, but a boss will see his/her efforts and mention these achievements at the general meeting.

For a woman, this dream may portend the hassle associated with the arrival of relatives, so she must carefully plan her day, so that she is not heavily loaded.

If a dreamer sees as if granite is being mined in mountainous terrain, then in reality he/she will be successful at work.

While interpreting granite you should remember what color it was. If white - you should prepare for a wedding celebration, black – means funeral repast, green - rich companion, gray - hard work, red - a new romance.

When a widow dreams of pink granite monument, it portends her new marriage. Her husband will be very attentive and loving person, so she should not reject attention of a new acquaintance.

If a girl in a wedding dress gathers granite stones, in reality she will become a widow, so she should not get married in foreseeable future. Granite does not always portend negative events, but if it does so, you can tell the dream to a friend, and then it will not come true.