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Gum / Gingiva - Meaning of Dream

Bleeding gums in a dream tell that you need to check gums in real life. The blood or ichor on the gums is seen in a dream as a harbinger of a meeting with distant relatives.

If you dream of gums with broken teeth, this warns of possible illness of relatives. The top row of the gums represents old generation - grandmother, aunts and uncles. The bottom row is younger generation - children, nephews, brothers and sisters.

If you dream of teeth falling from the gums, wait for the news about the death of unfamiliar person or colleague. It should be noted that if you see pus on the gums, the news about the deceased will not interest you; if the gums are clean, it is possible that your neighbor or far relative will die.

If a tooth falls out and you see blood on the gums, it says that some close or native person is in a difficult and dangerous situation. The presence of fur on the gums warns of an unpleasant conversation with loved ones.

If you dream of artificial gums, this dream reflects the loneliness and the desire to start a family. But if you drop such gums into a glass with water, it means that the changes in life have already begun and soon the situation will be resolved.

If you see only gums without teeth in the mirror, soon you will have extended separation from the family and loved ones. For a man, this is a long business trip.

Gums with white strong teeth, portend great profit: it can be additions to your family, a big win, the acquisition of real estate or family wedding.

A swelled up gum often warns of throat or larynx diseases. For people involved in vocal, this is a warning about the possibility to lose voice or to overstrain vocal cords.

For a pregnant woman, a dream about rotten teeth, warns of paying more attention to own health, otherwise a child may suffer.

If a doctor treats a gum but doesn’t finish the treatment, it portends a deal that will stagnate, but with some time it will move on.