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Gypsum - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of gypsum, it signals about your regret about missed chances to achieve something.

A dreaming of own parts of the body with gypsum indicates you will become an object for compassion of others.

A lot of gypsum foretells that you will not be able to satisfy your creative hunger.

If gypsum is dirty beware of disease.

To mold something with gypsum foretells the opportunity to choose a man; for men this dream is a harbinger of stress, and new gossip.

Plaster figures in your dream is a good sign that promises you many beautiful and expensive gifts.

A dream, in which you see gypsum or products made of it, is a harbinger of success in business, for young people, it is a good marriage.

If you got injured and someone applies plaster bandage on the place of injury, it bodes that soon you will hear from a person with whom you didn’t talk for a long time. News, sadly, will be unpleasant. Most likely it will be a message about the serious illness of one of your mutual friends.

If you apply plaster to another person’s wound, you will be a person who tells bad news to others.

If gypsum is removed, you will change the place of residence. You want to try to live in a new environment with new people.

If you visit an exhibition of gypsum sculptures, you will be filled with the craving for aesthetic pleasure; to deal with it, you have to visit a museum or theater. After that you will be spiritually enriched.

In a dream you are wearing a bandage of plaster, it signifies of stiffness and difficulty in affairs.

Gypsum for building or repair in your dream foretells the actual repair.

Gypsum is a sign of a strong friendship, slow rhythm of your life.

A dreaming of a cheap gypsum statue promises the experience of disappointment about the gift you didn’t expect for.

If you see yourself in a dream with gypsum on a hand or foot, it indicates love and affection to your pets.