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Hail - Meaning of Dream


To dream of hail, it means additional income or financial losses. If depends on more details in the dream. Hail falling on the ground, means profit from a bargain.

If you dream that you gather hail in your hands, it means that you will receive a large inheritance or gift.

Painful hits of hail on your body mean losses in the deal from which you expected inflow of funds. If you hide from hail, it means uncertainty in the financial opportunities.

Depending on the day of the week, when you saw such dream, the interpretations are following.

The dream about hail from Monday to Tuesday, is an unexpected surprise; from Tuesday and Wednesday, inheritance; from Wednesday to Thursday, increase in salary or position; from Thursday to Friday, the return of the old debt; from Friday to Saturday, a significant gain on bargain.

To understand what hail means, you need to know even the smallest details of the dream. Such dream might have a double meaning. On the one hand, it warns about trials, bodes trouble and loss. On the other hand, hail means good luck and additional income.

If the overall background of the dream is positive, it indicates favorable events in the future, which will be exciting, and will bring you positive emotions.

Unpleasant dream is when the storm rages and the hail is cold. It is a harbinger of failures and disappointments that will be short-termed, the same as hail.

If you dream of a falling hail, it heralds the approach of danger or unpleasant news.

A dream, in which hail had stopped, but lays on the ground, means disability to implement plans and ideas.

If you can’t avoid hail, and you walk under it, it means that you will experience a sense of loneliness, as if everybody left you.

Hail in the size of a pea, which significantly hurts your body, foretells news that will cause pain and suffering.

To dream of hail, and have the ability to escape and hide under cover, means luck and success in the nearest future.

To hear a knock of hail on the roof means troubles at work, disagreements with business partners and colleagues.

To dream of hail in the midst of the hot summer weather, warns of evil joke of fate, which will not be an obstacle in achieving of the final result.

For rural residents hail in the dream, means a bad unfruitful year; for traders, the lack of customers and losses.

For a young girl, hail in a dream, foretells meeting with loved one despite the haunting series of setbacks in the past.

Pay more attention to the details. You will understand that you are going to have financial success or changes in life, which will bring you joy.

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