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Hairpin - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of a hairpin, it portends major conflict with someone from your environment, which will appear from nothing. If you observe the beautiful hairpins but you can’t buy it, this dream means that you may suffer from actions of a cheater. So be very careful and do not trust anyone.

If you have lost your favorite hairpin, it foretells that you will receive a valuable gift from almost a stranger or a new friend.

If you bought a hairpin, then you will really buy something precious. If you pin your hair, it portends a lot of gossip about you, spread by evil enviers.

If a hairpin slips out of your hair, be ready for disease, exhaustion and debility. For a woman, a dream in which she decorated her partner’s hair with a hairpin, foretells that she will get a gift or will spend time with him in unusual circumstances.

If a man dreams as if his partner pins his hair, it tells that he will be overflow with romantic feelings, and it will be mutual.

A dream, in which someone presented you a hairpin of a rare kind, portends that you will be surrounded with care and your needs and wishes will be fulfilled.

According to Freud, if you make a complicated hairstyle with many hairpins, it indicates to your inferiority complex, resulting in failures in your sexual life.