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Ham - Meaning of Dream


If you see ham in the dream, then in reality you become a victim of treachery and evil gossip.

In the dream you slice the ham with big pieces, it means that you will be able to overcome all the difficulties.

Sell or buy ham, foretells you wealth and good health.

If you eat ham, it means you are going to lose some valuable things.

The dream, in which you feel the smell of ham or ham dishes, means that you will be able to benefit from the actions of others.

To dream that you eat ham with someone and your hands are clean is a good sign.

Stale ham, means that gloomy thoughts and frustration will give cause a lot of troubles.

If you see how you cook a gammon, the dream has a bad meaning. Especially bad, if you see how you add salt to it, and smell of smoke.

For a man, to dream of cooking scrambled eggs with ham in the dream, it predicts unpleasant conversation with his beloved. It is possible that in something he will have to make concessions, or be prepared for parting. Positive point in this dream is also present there will be no more confusion.

To eat ham in a dream is a prophecy of serious and harmonious sexual relationships that lead to marriage. One must be careful not to miss the chance to arrange personal life.

Ham in most cases represents the presence of danger. If the ham is not seen, but you only feel the smell of it, this is the sign of a profitable business proposal, which it is important to accept.

To dream of someone who cuts off a piece of ham, warns that someone wants to cause trouble to you. If a person who has a dream cuts off a piece of ham, it means nothing to worry about, because the danger will pass by and not bring any trouble.

The dream about ham represents a good partnership in the business. If you cut the bull in a dream, it means that when doing business you must apply maximum tact and patience; otherwise it may adversely affect the contracts and, therefore, lead to loss of financial benefits.

The dream about mutton warns of possible threat to life and health of a loved one. If a person sees in a dream that he eats hare, soon he will meet unexpected guests.

If you eat the meat of a cat, it means sorrow in the family.

To dream about a grinder where you put meat, is frequently referred to the surgery in the near future; tinned stewed meat, means success in selling anything.

The dream of a dog-meat predicts official proceedings in court. According to the Assyrian Dream Book, if anyone dreamed that he ate meat, but could not figure out what animal was the meat, it means that in the near future the dreamer’s life will change for better.

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