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Hare - Meaning of Dream


Hare in the dream, is a symbol of cowardice and indecision, so you should make certain conclusions, if you happened to see such dream.

For a man, to see hare in the dream, it means that soon he will make a bargain and will buy a new house. Also, a pregnant woman will give birth to a son if she had a bunny frolicking in the tall grass; but if it was a female bunny, she will give birth to a girl.

For fishermen, to see hare in the dream is a sign that the fish will not bite, and therefore they will not catch anything, the time will be wasted.

If you dreamed of a running hare, then this dream foretells a quick departure of a close friend for a long distance. Another meaning of such dream is the loss of both financial and close to family things.

Depending on the color of a hare, Vanga gives the interpretation of the dream. So, if it was white, it symbolizes success; grey hare is a sure sign of disappointment and bitterness.

If you dreamed not about one hare, but there were a few of them, it is a sign of fear, and therefore you are in the state of constant tension and fight with various obstacles on your way.

Also a dream in which there was a hare can be interpreted as follows, most likely, in real life you are surrounded by two-faced people, who can be dangerous and angry to you.

If to talk about a bad meaning of the dream about hare, it is a fire in the near future. But do not worry, its scope would be insignificant, it will be quickly contained and extinguished. Therefore, damage caused by fire will not even be seen.

According to Vanga, if you observe a hare running out of cover, this means that you will decide to commit a strange act. But it is necessary to be absolutely sure that it really does not entail serious consequences.

If you dream that you saw hare skin or fur, this dream foretells you a small profit.

In a dream to chase the hare, it is a sign of pointless attempt to achieve some results.

If a woman sees a hare, it is a sign of her man's cowardice. Most likely in your life there will be a situation in which your man will have to show his strength and protect you, but he will afraid to do that. If in the dream a woman is chasing a hare, it can be a symbol that she is trying to achieve something pointless, including a man who is not worthy. Most likely, you chase the man, who doesn't even respect you or doesn't put your desires first.

For a man to see a hare, it is a sign that he is too cowardly and timid. Perhaps he should show more courage and confidence in solving important problems. If a man dreams of a hare, or he feels that he is a hare, it is a sign that someone considers him a coward.

To shoot a hare in a dream is a sign of good luck in career and achieving success.

To dream of a hare, it means to the risk of being defeated by enemies. Maybe someone is trying to harm you. Maybe he's doing it out of jealousy or because of anger towards you. In any case, you need to look closely at your surroundings.

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