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Head - Meaning of Dream

Head is a representation of experience, reasonable and rational thinking. If you paid attention to this part of the body, it indicates that a dream is directly related to your plans and ideas.

Chopped of head warns you that these plans and desires are rather just erroneous or even dangerous.

If you dream that someone tears your head off, it bodes that in life you misunderstand problems or situations, and that soon you will have to confront a person experiencing incredible discomfort and pain, but only by passing through this confrontation you will succeed.

If a head is injured (wound or bump on the head), it indicates that someone or something will interfere your clear thinking.

Taking into consideration your morale condition in real life, you can interpret “head” in different ways.

So if in life you are worried because of some decision, then cut of head signals that your mind and feelings contradict each other.

If you chop off someone's head in a dream, it portends that things will go well. But bleeding head foretells possible failures.

Dreaming of talking head tells that the advice which you received will not help you to achieve success; also you will have long and stupid conversations.

A head of a monument made of bronze or wood, or a stone head, signifies that your plans disregard the conventional values, or even affect the most important moral principles.

If your head is very big, it is a good sign foretelling that your plans will bring you to success. But if you feel uncomfortable or inconvenient while having a big head - your ideas are not very good, or that it is time to move from plans to actions.

If you see yourself with two heads, it bodes that you will get a rapid career growth and great luck. The same meaning has baby's head in a dream.

If a head is badly disfigured or maimed, it says that you should beware of fraud.

Dreaming of a bald head, or shave own head is not a good sign, warning of potential problems with others, loss of authority.

Feeling of headache foretells troubles or worry. If you dream that a head itches, it states that there is a person in your environment, who flatters in the hope of receiving benefit.

If you wash your hair in a dream, it is a good sign portending order and success in affairs.

If your dream showed you a bad sign, it is better to postpone the final decision and pay more attention to people around you. If the sign is good, it is worth of taking up the implementation of all plans at this day.