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Heart - Meaning of Dream


If you hear in a dream how your heart beats, it means that you should be more active in order to achieve the desired results in your work. If the heart beat is heavy, then you will experience big emotions or illness. Too strong beating of your heart in a dream portends trouble or annoyance.

To hear own heart beating in a dream means that soon you will be bothered with something. If you feel pain in your heart in a dream, it is a harbinger of troubles or worries because of a loved one (husband, wife, or children).

If you hold a heart of a wild and strong animal in your hands, it is a sign that you have enough power to overcome the difficulties and to fight the enemies. To be wounded in a heart in a dream is a sign of illness or big anxiety because of failures in business or in love. Often this dream foretells love suffering or passion.

If you feel pain in your heart, perhaps you will have troubles in important matters. One of your minor mistakes will be a reason for a big loss, if only you correct it in time.

If you see your own heart on a plate, it means that you will have a serious disease, which will take all your vital energy.

If you dream of an animal heart, which you hold and feel pity for it, such dream means that you will have to collect all your strength in order to resist your enemy’s tricks. If you try hard, you will be able to win the fight and attract attention of many people.

If you have infarction in a dream, it is mostly negative symbol, and it should be treated carefully, in order to avoid bad events.

Dreaming of a heart attack means that in reality you will have problems with heart, so it is better to get tested and consult with a doctor. If you don’t do it in the near future, you will find yourself in a hospital in a bad condition. Also heart attack means that in real life you will receive some news which will make your heart beat faster.

If you dream of somebody else having heart attack, it means that in reality you will need to help a colleague whom you do not like, but you can avoid this situation by leaving on vacation for a few days.

For a girl, this dream promises parting with her ​​fiance, who will soon get married with her friend, as they have long had a love affair behind her back.

In a dream book by Hasse, it is a sign of a pleasant surprise, thanks to which you will be very happy. Dream Interpretation by Miller foreshadows problems with the heart, and Tsvetkov interprets it as new love.

Sigmund Freud interprets it differently. He says that the dreamer pays too much attention to the problems of other people, but he/she needs to focus on own business.

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