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Hematoma - Meaning of Dream

Hematoma in a dream often signals about some hidden diseases.

For a girl, a dream about a bruise under her eye is a warning that her frivolous behavior will incur the wrath of relatives. Bruises on her face and hands foretell that friends are going to turn their backs because of her contentious nature. Dream warns her that now even the most innocent whim can become a serious reason to quarrel with friends, so she should behave kind and tolerant.

If a girl is dreaming of a bruise on the face of another person, in reality she will have to find out something unpleasant about her best friend. Particular importance for the girl has a dream in which she sees a lot of bruises on her body. This dream suggests that in reality she is often mistaken in people because of her carelessness. To see that she beats someone to bruising signifies that people she considers to be friends are actually laugh at her and enjoy her gullibility.

If the young man looks in the mirror and sees a bruise under his eye, it bodes an opportunity to solve a long lasting, but important problem. Many bruises on his body are the sign of a lot of helpers in solving life's difficulties. If he sees a bruise on the face of another person, it foreshadows that in real life, he will soon have a patron in his activities. A dream, in which a man sees that someone has bruising, promises an easy success.

For a woman, a dreaming about hematoma on her face tells that she will have to go on a trip to relatives, whom she does not want to know. This dream warns that all her secrets might become known, and she should not do anything without consulting with her spouse. Many bruises on the body portend quarrels with her husband because of her extravagance. If she sees bruises on the face of another person, she is going to know that her husband is cheating and is trying to hide a shameful act done in the past.

Hematoma on man’s face is a reflection of shady business that will become known to the partner or a higher court. A dream, in which he sees his body covered with a multitude of bruises, is a warning about danger of secrets exposing.