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Hetaira - Meaning of Dream

If you had a dream of Hetaira, or as she also called hetaera, you might already know, that in antiquity she represented a girl or a woman with the same features of geisha. It means that communication with such a woman was not limited only to sex, there were also discussions of philosophy and art problems, political and legislation argues.

Therefore, if you see a dream with Hetaira, it expresses your desire for diversity in love, change of everyday routine. Your unconscious symbolically shows your need of a second parallel life full of impressions.

If to interpret the meaning of Hetaera in your dream wider, it explains that lack of a person next to you, who would be equal in intelligence and spiritual qualities with you, is displayed in such kind of dreams. As soon as you are a creative nature, you desire for something original and exclusive, something that would match your demand. The feeling of own inadequacy is hidden in such dreams, apparently you are not self-confident, you are afraid of something and you have the feeling of constant haunting of failures. Your inferiority complex gives a huge outburst of mental energy, which is presented in a dream as a sexual symbolism. First of all it is important to direct your unconscious energy into resolution of vital questions.