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Hip - Meaning of Dream

Hips in a dream symbolize relatives. Strong, healthy hips predict rapid career growth of your family member. That will allow you to gain his/her influential support.

If you observe increase of size of hips, it portends loss of a loved one. The reason would be an accident or a betrayal.

Hip, appearing in a dream of a man portends income and profit. Explicit internal dissatisfaction over the development of your affairs is the reason of a dream where you lose weight and size of your hips.

If you dream of your hips of smooth color without spots and wounds, it is a harbinger of pleasure, delight, and full satisfaction with the course of affairs.

Thin and flawless female hips portend joy. Well proportioned hips, in a dream of a man, predict him pleasant meetings and interesting conversations. The collapse of the plans, failure, anxiety, trouble, and betrayal of a loved one – all of this is the result of a dream where you see bruises and scars on your hips.

Dreaming of own hips with wounds and feel pain, stiffness is a harbinger of disease and inconsolable grief.

Cuts on the hips predict disorder in the family, or divorce. Dreaming of hip fracture specifies that you have caring relatives.

Hip, in a dream book by Miller, is a sign of extraordinary luck. If a girl observes her hips, it means that she seeks for romantic adventures. For a lady, to see her hips in a dream means that she will have a date with a secured and interesting man. If she doesn’t like her reflection in the mirror – she will be in danger. This dream is a call for caution. Examining thick animal thighs symbolizes obvious pleasure.

To see your own hip - means that the time for bright parties and general recognition has begun.