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Hippopotamus - Meaning of Dream


Hippopotamus is an exotic animal. And more often we see it in the pictures or in the zoo than encounter them in their habitat.

Large, with short legs, slow, clumsy and it seems to be a good-natured creature. Not everyone knows what the strength and speed of reaction is hidden behind this clumsiness. So the interpretation of these animals in the dream will depend on the circumstances under which and how you dream of it.

If you dream about a hippo in a natural habitat for it: southern vegetation, river or lake, while the animal is doing its business (eating or sleeping), and you just look at it, it means that very soon you will meet a very influential person in your life.

If the hippo shows aggression: angry or threatening you, then you need to perceive this dream as a warning about possible conflict; someone is very aggressive for you in real life, the same as in the dream.

If the young woman sees a hippopotamus, it means that she is searching for a strong and reliable man in life. So, her instinctive need for protection is realized in the image of that animal.

If a girl is petting a hippo, it means that she is not confident in her abilities, and she needs urgent support.

If man, who feels that he underestimated, dreams of hippopotamus, this dream warns him that it's time to begin a specific business, and not to be involved in solution of global problems of mankind. How he looks ridiculous in the eyes of colleagues.

A dream, in which you are trying to train a hippo, means that your dreams are as unlikely to be fulfilled as the possibility to train the animal.

If you see a toy hippopotamus or the whole herb of little toy hippopotamus, this dream is calling you to take decisive action. Indeed, seen hippo in a dream can become the great and important opportunities that you shouldn’t miss.

If you dream that you see a hippo, then in real life your passion for different ideas will be a subject of many jokes of people around you.

Hippo, represent your current sexual partner. He is also so thick-skinned, calm, quiet and indifferent to your desires and aspirations of the soul and body. Not surprisingly, in bed, he gives you a little pleasure, in any case, a lot less than you would like. As your partner, "hippopotamus" is very lazy, and sexual intercourse for him is a hard, backbreaking work. Better get rid of this slacker, until you had not started to resemble him and become as indifferent and lazy creature as he is.

Hippo can be a sign to the understanding of own birth, sometimes difficult childbirth are the cause of subsequent problems.

If the hippo in the dream is your totem, you have to examine the circumstances of own birth and try to find ways of healing trauma.

Hippo can also be a symbol of something weighty and significant in your life. Or a sign of great danger, which you find difficult to avoid, if you do not show enough swagger.

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