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History - Meaning of Dream

If the story of your dream is connected with the historical past, and all the actions take place in bygone times, this dream indicates your rich imagination, and well-developed creative potential.

If someone tells you fascinating history facts and you express a genuine interest, it bodes that in reality you will have the conversation on boring topics. Probably during these talks you will discuss meaningless nonsense.

A dream, in which you are reading historical novels or scientific historical works, foretells that in foreseeable future you will spend quality time with fun and pleasure.

If in a dream you attend a history class, it forebodes unexpected events, tracing back in the past. The same meaning has a dream in which you just hold a history book in your hands.

If you dream that you watch a historical film or observe the plots of a historical novel, it foretells cheerful entertainment with old friends in real life.

According to Miller, if you read historical literature, you will have a long period of good rest in upcoming future.

A dream is a complex matter, and it is studied by scientists and mystics; since ancient times it was the object of attention of poets, philosophers and artists. Each image and symbol in a dream can have its own particular interpretation, hidden meaning, an important clue or hint for upcoming events.

In a dream, a person may see not only material things, but also people, physical phenomena, or certain events, often the abstract or general concepts that have a hidden meaning, for example - history.

The plot of a dream may be different; if for example you find yourself in a certain historical period, knowing exactly the century, this dream heralds important upcoming changes.