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Horse - Meaning of Dream

Almost every alternative dreamer is trying to interpret own dreams. After all, a dream could tell what to expect from fate in upcoming future. If you correctly interpret a dream, it may warn of something, and can promise luck and well-being, family happiness and upcoming marriage.

If you ride a horse, this dream usually symbolizes something good. If you ride a white horse, it signifies that you are surrounded by people who are close to you in spirit, and you are true friends.

If you ride a black horse - you may face serious troubles. If a horse was brown or red, then this dream promises unpleasant changes in life.

If you start to ride a horse that kicks and wants to throw you off its back, it forebodes that the way to achieve the goal will be not easy.

If you sat on a horse without a saddle, it indicates that your life is not easy and there are many severities.

A horse skull is an omen of disease. A horse tail is related to conflicts and disputes. If you bury a horse in a dream, it is a bad sign of misfortune that can happen to your friend. Herd of horses portends upcoming successful meeting, which can improve your welfare.

If you hold a horse by the bridle, it portends danger. If you pet a horse, and stroke its shoulder but don’t ride it, the dream indicates that you no longer receive moral pleasure from your success.

A horse of white color is a harbinger of happiness and joy; gray horse - a harbinger of news; red horse promises visit of friends or acquaintances; black horse - an evil dream, promises illness or death.

A dreaming about a dirty horse portends deception and harm from envious people.

A wounded horse heralds sad news; a dead horse - the unlucky coincidence; a nag symbolizes lies and slander; a wild horse - an emotional outburst.

Dreaming of a spike team tells that you have to be more active in life, or else you will be left with nothing.

A stalled horse indicates good health of a dreamer. A lean horse, this is a harbinger of disease.

If a horse tries to attack you, the dream promises a very serious accident. If you happened to dream of a stone horse, get ready for deception of a close friend.

The horse of silver color symbolizes the development of imagination and excessive reverie.

A tired horse indicates a situation in which a dreamer is shamelessly used. A horse with hairy legs portends amazing moments. If you dream of jaded horse, this is a sign of fatigue which will result in sickness.

If a horse threw a dreamer off and severely kicked, this is a sign of bad illness. If you shoe a horse in a dream, this is an omen of great success, but it will be gained by dishonest means.

If you buy a horse, you will receive news. If a horse kicks over the traces, this dream portends quarrels. If a horse fell, a dreamer should get ready for serious financial problems.

Feeding a horse hints to look around, perhaps someone requires the help. If you give water to a horse or lead it to drink, this is a good sign of speedy recovery. If you comb a horse, it promises familiarity with very decent man. If you ride a horse and it stumbles, this dream predicts danger.

If you were bitten by a horse, you will face troubles. If you harness a horse – you are dependent on people's opinions. If you wash a horse, the dream promises unexpected news.

If a horse swept past you and it had a beautiful flowing mane, this vision tells that you have to be realistic about all your strength and possibilities. If you saw a horse that chews or nibbles grass, this dream promises material prosperity.