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Hotplate - Meaning of Dream

If in a dream you prepared a hotplate and put it in the oven, it indicates that in reality you carefully keep own secrets; moreover, even the closest people don’t know about them.

If you dream as if you place a fragrant hotplate on the table, it portends the visit of good friends or relatives.

Eating the roast meet is a bad omen, predicting poverty, hunger and disease. If in real life you are in a confusing and difficult situation, this dream promises you support from a person who truly loves and respects you. He/she will certainly give you a helping hand, just remember one thing: do not even think to use this help for personal gain, it can lead to very negative consequences.

If you just tried the roast meet, it signifies about your shyness and hesitation. Do not worry, soon there will be some important event, after which you will become a completely different person and will treat people as a true winner.

If a brazier is ready for roasting food, it portends the visit of guests; empty roaster heralds the losses and monetary damages.

If you saw the roasted fish instead of meat, you will have the unexpected, but very pleasant discovery or income from unknown sources.

In a dream you put your hands on the hot roasting pan - in reality you will demonstrate all your best features, by helping the unfortunate and needy person.

Miller’s dream book states that freshly prepared, delicious hotplate predicts an invitation and pleasant pastime in a fun and friendly company. Similar interpretation has a dream in which you love to cook this dish.

If a hotplate looked not quite appetizing, it bodes that your visit won’t cause any pleasant impressions.

If you devoured a hotplate, it's an auspicious dream that promises the protection of fortune. Feel free to start any undertaking and you are guaranteed to be successful. In addition, you will finally solve problems that have long prevented you breathing freely. If this vision you had at night from Saturday to Sunday, in reality you can go to the casino and win a big sum of money.

If you treated someone with a hotplate - be careful, someone tries to swipe you beloved one.