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Hyena - Meaning of Dream

Hyena is a signal of slander and secret enemy, who spreads rumors about you.

If you meet a hyena in your dream and you don’t know how to behave, it foreshadows that you will be unpleasantly surprised by someone or something.

If in a dream you see yourself running away from hyena, it is a herald of serious obstacles in real life.

If you shoot this animal, it bodes that a stranger will help you out in a difficult situation.

A fight with a hyena in a dream portends that in real life you have a chance to get rid of the competitors.

To feed hyena foretells that you will have difficulties in relationships with the opposite sex; also it is a bad sign of health problems.

Sometimes hyena reflects your desire for noisy and fun party, and you need to put pressure on someone.

Hyena in the interpretation of personality represents a coward and insidious enemy. In some situations you might show weakness, hidden meanness potential, or your tendency to betray.

After such a dream you might find out some unexpected bad news, which can permanently strike you and influence your activity.

If you see hyena tearing carrion, it is a bad sign of a serious danger.

A dream from Thursday to Friday, where you see hyena cubs foretells that your work and efforts will be accepted by your management. If you see the same dream at night from Monday to Tuesday, it bodes unexpected expenses.