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Idiot - Meaning of Dream

If you happened to see an idiot in your dream, do not worry - this is a good omen that promises positive changes in your personal life. Single people, after such a dream, will definitely meet their loved ones and will build happy and strong families. If there were other people together with an idiot, it tells that soon you will take part in some public events, such as a birthday party or wedding.

If an idiot in a dream was accompanied by animals, this dream portends a pleasant meeting with an old friend. For girls an idiot promises the increased male attention and plenty of presents and flowers; for men – this is a meeting with the beautiful woman who will be a wonderful companion for life.

If you were an idiot, this is a good sign foretelling the bright and unusual news. If you saw an idiot in a negative context - chances are that you're tired of life. You are irritated by surrounding people and constant confusion in business. Do not be depressed, try to take a break and gain new experiences, otherwise you may face a breakdown and depression.

If you saw small children making faces and posing idiots, you urgently need to reconsider own attitude to life. It seems that you have taken too much on your own shoulders, and you see no way out of the situation. Do not hesitate to ask for friend’s support, and they will surely help.

According to Miller, a conversation with an idiot portends a very unpleasant surprise that can ruin your day and frustrate your plans. If an idiot stubbornly defended his point of view in the conversation, and did not want to listen to your reasonable arguments, it tells that soon you will have a lot of expenses that will turn out badly. For sick people, this is a sign of fast recovery. To be an idiot in a dream - means to be successful in all endeavors and happy in personal life. If you were silently observing an idiot, this indicates your disagreement with something; you might have missed something very important in life. Feeble-minded children portend adverse changes and disappointments.