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Illness - Meaning of Dream


Illness is an unfavorable symbol for you. Unfortunately, it is not the case when some dream has an opposite meaning in reality. Instead, it gives you a signal to check your state of health and take corresponding measures in time.

If you or someone else is ill in your dream, such a dream is a warning for you. It cautions you against some oncoming danger in the future. Always be very vigilant because it can be hidden anywhere. Also, such a dream is an advice to be more attentive to your health. Don’t let the things run themselves in this case because the outcome can be terrible. If you are feeling even a slight malady, it is a valid reason to apply to a doctor. Let him dispel your doubts. There is nothing more precious and important than our health. If it is damaged in some way, our life cannot be full and diverse. So, you must cherish it like the apple of your eye.

If there is an incurable illness in your dream, it denotes that, evidently, there is an unsolvable problem in your life which has been bothering you for a long period of time already. What you need to do is to pull yourself together and stay calm. Only your determination and sensibility can drive its solution from the deadlock.

Having fatal illness states that your soul has been torn apart because of inner torments. Probably, you did something that you aren’t proud of. Ghosts of the past chase you. To get rid of them, you should correct your deed and do everything right. Then you’ll finally breathe freely. Don’t think that there is a limitation period for atonement.

Seeing a dream in which you’re afraid of falling ill represents that you don’t want or just are afraid of your life being changed. Don’t be so categorical. You cannot know for sure that these changes will necessarily be unfavorable. There is such a period in everyone’s life when you have to yield to these changes. Without their acceptance you must stay at the same stage and forget about the development and progress.

If you’ve caught some exotic illness in your dream, it bodes sadness and anxieties in the future. Keep in mind that they are temporary. If you want them to fade away, you are to try to improve the situation. Do what depends on you.

Seeing in your dream that your relative is ill signifies that something threatens your family happiness and well-being. Be very attentive to the members of your family.

If a child is ill in your dream, it forebodes terrible – a death of someone you know very well.

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