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India - Meaning of Dream

In modern dream book a dreaming about India predicts the appearance of new hobbies. Most likely, they will be quite exotic, unusual and not similar to those that interested you before. This can be religious and spiritual practice or alternative medicine. If India appeared in your dream on Saturday night, this dream foretells a long journey from which you will return spiritually enriched.

If you dreamed of a trip to India, then in the near future you will receive a large inheritance. If you happened to find yourself in an Indian temple and saw the frescoes and sculptures, this dream portends the foresight, which you will have in upcoming future. Even the most ordinary things will have the mystical background for you. A dream about moving to India portends the deterioration of living standards and poverty.

According to Miller, in general the dreams about India symbolize religious movements, deceit and cunning. If you dreamed as if you lived in India, this means that soon you will study the religion or alternative medicine. Traveling in India heralds the amazement; if you get ready for a trip to this country you will participate in an important event.

Vanga interpreted a travel to India, as a fear before the upcoming life test. You should understand that life is not the end point; it is the road in search for happiness, understanding and truth. Do not worry about the future, better try to rebuild your life and find yourself. The human soul is rarely at rest, and travel is the path to the soul comfort.

In Freud's dream book, if you are going on a trip to India, then at a subconscious level you are concerned about the future breakup with your loved one. Apparently, India is associated with exotic desires and aspirations that you are not ready to implement in reality. Try not to escape from reality and cherish the feelings and thoughts of a person who is close to you.