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Infertility - Meaning of Dream

If in a dream you receive infertility diagnosis, it means that in real life your efforts in the affair you have just recently begun will also be infertile.

If you treat this disease, the dream interpreter tells that you will pass all life tests and reach your goals because of your perseverance and sense of purpose.

Infertility means that you are afraid to be useless for surrounding. Though you don’t share bright ideas or adore groups of people, it doesn’t mean that you are on the wane. You can easily exist even without clear features of a leader. If you had such a dream you are worried about absence of fresh ideas, which can drag attention of surrounding. The main thing you need to remember of – is to perform you tasks and job, and don’t pay attention to people who burst with ideas on how to change the world. All their efforts will not be successful, and finally you will be asked to take part in fulfillment of grandiose plans.

And then you will decide to accept an offer or not. Your sub consciousness tells you that there is a time to start a more active life. You should overcome your complexes, because you can’t open your individuality while you have it. Don’t think of yourself as of a grey mouse, it is just not true. You need to find resolution in this situation.