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Jar - Meaning of Dream

Jar, according to a dream interpreter, warns a dreamer about diseases, connected to weakened immunity. If a jar is filled will milk – be ready for lungs disease. A can symbolizes problems with health.

If you see darkened and empty jar, it means that you will be disappointed in your relations with a partner, a full jar means recall for the past. Nevertheless, don’t stick to your memories.

To put medical cups on somebody means troubles in solving a problem, if you use medical cups for yourself – it symbolizes the level of your uncertainty of how to behave in difficult situation.

If you see a broken or cracked jar, it is a symbol of disappointment and collapse of your hopes. In order to make it come true, you will need to put grandiose efforts.

To drop a jar means that you will have disorder in communication with close people because of your inadvertence. Try to be more loyal.

If you see a jar filled with your favorite drink – be ready for pleasant news or happy events.

A big number of empty jars is a sign of a good surprise, with a great meaning for you.

In a dream you open a jar, it means that soon you will be visited by unexpected and rare guests.

If you buy jars – your luck can be temporal. Try to be more attentive to the signs of your fate, and do not lose the chance for a good future.