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Jasmine - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of fragrant jasmine flowers, it may signify the receipt of luxury goods, and other valuables. For entrepreneurs, this dream foretells superiority in the dispute over the competitors. A dream, in which you enjoy the scent of jasmine flowers, heralds the flirting, fun entertainment and maximum joy.

If a dreamer plucks jasmine flowers, in reality he/she might collide with small troubles that can prevent implementing some ideas in reality. If you see the bush of jasmine without flowers, it portends the chill in relations between the spouses.

Miller interpreted jasmine in a dream as fleeting, but quite desired feelings.

According to Vanga, a jasmine flower is a symbol of innocence, tenderness, and friendly disposition. A dream in which you have gathered blooming jasmine in a bunch, heralds the meeting, which will grow in sympathy and devotion for a long time.

A dreaming, as if a jasmine bush has withered branches and flowers, heralds the loss of virginity. If you inadvertently hurt your hand with a jasmine branch, it indicates your unrestrained desire for inner freedom. If you receive a jasmine branch but you don’t like a person who gave it to you, it is a warning of obvious falsehood.

If in a dream, when inhaling the subtle aroma of jasmine, you felt a sharp gasp - in reality you should try to restrain your passion. If you see a branch of jasmine floating away, it indicates that you regret about some actions in the past.

If you pluck the jasmine, it bodes that you wait for decisive actions from a particular person. But this individual might not be completely ready for these actions, and possibly will undertake other actions which are favorable only for him/her. It is worth to identify this person and to consider other possibilities for cooperation or relations. Chances are that the joint decision will not just be straightforward, but will help to get rid of obstacles that prevent from managing business properly.

If you present a jasmine branch it indicates your love in real life. Perhaps, you will finally experience that feeling, which you expected for a long time, and your life will have bright colors again. But if a jasmine is withered, you should be ready for disappointment in love. Especially this dream is prophetic, if in real life you already have some prerequisites for such disappointments. Perhaps these predictions will simply develop the relation to its logical conclusion.

If you dream of a jasmine bush, it promises wonderful memories and sweet sadness of a past life, but if you dream of jasmine flowers, then this dream could spell love dating, which will happen very often in your life. You simply need to avoid rash acts.

Inhaling the scent of jasmine predict an overwhelming desire to get rid of the heavy load to bare and just live at own pleasure. You should believe in the fulfillment of plans and yet, in spite of many difficulties and obstacles, do not dismiss the desire to live the life you always wanted.

A dream about the blooming jasmine can promises the prosperity in family life and success in business and work. However, a dried jasmine bush is a harbinger of disappointment and loss.

Any dream about faded flowers or bushes with withered flowers portends disappointment or losses, and jasmine is not the exception.

If you cut off a jasmine flower, all downers unambiguously predict sadness and funerals. It is possible that your loved one or a relative will die.

In general, the flowers and the scent of jasmine is a beautiful and bright dream, which in most cases promises success in your endeavors and affairs, but in any dream there are downsides. Do not get too upset, because a person always has the highs and lows.