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Juice - Meaning of Dream


A dream, in which you make juice out of any fruit or vegetable, portends achieving great success in business, which seemed to be hopeless.

If you drink juice in the dream and feel its sweet taste, it means that you will be proud of the results of your work.

If the juice in your dream is sour, then be ready for a big disappointment. If you treat someone with juice, it means that you are going to support someone in financial sphere.

Citrus juice in a dream foretells that it is time for you to relax.

Orange juice in a dream is a prediction that you can count on the help of your friends.

If you drink and feel the bitter taste of the juice, it means that the fact of your pessimism can spoil your life.

Drinking in a dream means that in real life you have the chance to receive some new knowledge or emotions. It depends on what kind of drinks you have in a dream - alcoholic drinks predict one thing, and juices or other soft drinks may have completely different meaning.

It is worth to examine a dream in detail, and see which meaning suit the situation the most. If you drink, for example, a glass of wine, then in real life, you will experience an incredible shame or guilt in front of your beloved one. Perhaps it will be associated with some unfavorable act or insulting words towards close people, for which then you will have to apologize. Complexity of the situation will depend on what kind of intoxication you experience in a dream.

If you talk about juices or soft drinks, it is necessary to mention, that each case is individual. For example, sipping fruit juice in a dream, promises an exciting journey for the dreamer. This will be a trip to an exotic country or just unfamiliar places, which will leave unforgettable memories.

According to dream books to drink thick juice, something like jelly, means that in real life, the dreamer will have to do routine work, which does not bring satisfaction. Sometimes a dream foretells protracted conversations about nothing, and you will continue it only because of own politeness and the desire not to offend the interlocutor.

If you dream of thirst which often appear during the dream, but you don’t have the chance to drink, it means that you should pay attention to your health. Maybe you have diabetes or some other illness. Then it is better to consult a doctor and be sure to conduct a survey. Soft drinks in the dream, cause positive emotions in real life, and give you the chance to manage all difficulties with ease.

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