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Karate - Meaning of Dream

You if dream that you are engaged in doing karate, in reality you will feel the strength and perseverance. In addition, you will have a new incentive to succeed. If you were a karateka in a dream and participated in the contest, then you will have a wonderful future in the professional sphere.

Karateka image predicts the dreamer that in real life he may feel helpless because of inability to solve the complex issues that appear in the life. This feeling is particularly acute, as the dreamer was counting on the support of influential friends, who as a result could not help with anything.

A woman-karateka is a harbinger that drab existence will be filled with overflowing interesting events. In the coming days, the dreamer will have the opportunity to participate in breathtaking adventures. If a woman dreamed as if she met with a karateka, it portends that soon she will met her potential partner for life. Fierce struggle between the two karate performers is evidence of your inability to be manage own deals. Because of this, you will have a mess in the affairs.

In Miller’s dream book, if you see many karate performers, who demonstrate their superior capabilities and show the most complex elements of karate, this story is interpreted as evidence of your difficulties in organizational work. You can’t run business in a way that it can bring profit.

If are not a karateka in real life, but in a dream you see yourself performing difficult elements, it tells that you have the business acumen that will help you become a successful businessman. The same meaning has a dream in which you are trying to use the techniques of karate in practice.