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Keyboard - Meaning of Dream

A computer or typewriter keyboard is evidence of problems with financial or accounting activities. For business owners and people who work with money and documents, such a dream foreshadows trouble because of unscheduled inspection, organized by the Tax Inspectorate or other law enforcement agencies.

If a computer keyboard is dreamed by a woman, it tells that the dreamer needs to be prepared for unpleasant events that will lead to high financial costs and losses.

If you heard someone hitting fingers hard on the keyboard of a typewriter, it bodes that soon you will learn the bad news, or will hear from close relatives who may disappoint you.

Also, this dream indicates that someone you know spreads rumors defaming you; if you do not clarify the situation, soon you will lose the reputation and credibility.

If you dreamed of a broken keyboard, it foretells unexpected annoying complications in the affairs and quarrels with business partners and people with whom you cooperate. Perhaps in the near future someone, with whom you have previously done business, will file lawsuit against you.

If you dream of the musical instruments keyboard, this is a harbinger of the imminent encounter with a person, who is engaged in art and creativity. By communicating with this person, you will enrich your inner world and will get into the spirit of love and beauty.