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Kindergarten - Meaning of Dream

A kindergarten, in which you see a lot of young children, is a herald that your life is going to be full of variety of events, and pleasant surprises of fate. Soon you won’t have time to be bored, because the troubles and present circumstances will require immediate solutions and full engagement for dear life.

A dreaming of an empty building of the kindergarten, says that in the next few months or years your life will be peaceful and prosperous. You won’t experience a shortage of money, relationships with loved ones will continue to develop, but deep your soul you will have the feeling of longing for bright events and adventures. This dream also warns that no matter how big your desire for adventures is, you should not get involved in the first available affair, as the outcome can be unfortunate.

For dreamers, who do not have children of preschool age, a dream about kindergarten in most cases is considered as a bad omen. This dream portends complex unpleasant situation in life, conflicts at work and a sense of helplessness and despair. Particular importance has a dream about empty kindergarten on Monday; it is a notice that soon something bad might happen to your children or young relatives.

Vanga interpreted a dream about a kindergarten full of children, who run and play, as a harbinger of a lot of small problems and domestic turmoil. This situation be itself will not significantly affect the course of your business, but in order to stabilize the situation you will spend a lot of mental strength.

If you dream of yourself playing with children in the kindergarten, in reality you look for affair that fits your interests. Your search will succeed later on, but for some time you will have to do the boring work. If you are a child in the kindergarten, this dream warns that your hasty actions and whims might not only spoil your reputation, but also can cause serious quarrel with a person whose opinion is vital for you.