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King - Meaning of Dream

If you see a king and talk to him, this dream represents memories about forgotten money and it is likely that you will receive them soon. If you dream of a chess king, you will have a long separation from the family due to some urgent affairs.

In case you dreamed of a king in cards, you can safely take risks and even try to start your own business. The dream about a king tells that the struggle with oneself will continue. If a young girl saw herself next to the king, it bodes that her marriage is not far off, but she is afraid of her partner. But if a woman saw king’s grace, her marriage will be quite successful and will even let her take a high position in society.

A king in a dream states that a dreamer has an ambitious personality; moreover a dreamer wrestles with oneself. There is a certain assumption that a king can’t be seen by everyone; a king is only a subject of rich imagination.

At some point a king in a dream symbolizes the father. If you found yourself at king’s public function, it forebodes conflicts with your father. If you became a king in a dream, this is a harbinger of a desire to gain power over the father. If you had a conversation with the king, then be sure to remember everything he said. Perhaps it will help to understand the cause of all failures in the future.

The dream can become a harbinger of the ability to achieve all goals, and therefore become stronger and richer. In general, such dreams about a king are associated with the expectation of success in business.

During the day a person gives way to anxiety which is accumulates and is released at night in the dreams. The stress of the day is transformed into night visions which are sometimes - creative, warning, prophetic, or long-lasting. All of them have different interpretations, which are related to the days of the week, mood, and many other factors. Therefore a dreamer must be careful in interpreting dreams, and not always perceive the meaning in the ordinary sense of the word.