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Kitten - Meaning of Dream

Kittens are cute innocent creatures. It seems they could do no harm; however, the kitten in a dream is not always a good sign. After such a dream, you should interpret this image in a particular case.

Kittens, seen in a dream, predict minor troubles and tribulations. If you admire the kittens, pet and take care of them in the dreams, this is a reflection of your naive nature and communication with a number of two-faced people who hide behind a mask.

The more kittens you see, the more troubles await you in the near future. Most often, a person attracts unreliable people in own surrounding without knowing the consequences.

Little kittens symbolize insincere and hypocritical people. Their main weapon is flattery. They are ready to flatter and to please you in everything just to get what they want.

If you are the owner of the kittens in a dream, you should fear of betrayal of someone close to you. Dirty kittens mean that someone of your friends is plotting against you, so get ready for a big conspiracy.

If you see the unpleasant dream when kittens die, this is actually a positive dream. This dream foretells the exposure of insincere people before they perform something bad. Their plans will fail, and the situation will turn against them.

If you killed a little kitten, oddly enough, it is also a positive dream. This means that you will timely realize what goes wrong, and that people interfere with your business. Now, it is important to meet the enemy face to face and show determination and perseverance in the decision.

If a man dreams of a little kitten, it indicates the insincerity of his soul mate. Scratching kitten represents the bad character of a beloved one. At the same time, if you play with a kitten in a dream, you do not notice bad features of your partner. In this situation, it is better to open your eyes on the behavior of your sweetheart and to overestimate the words and deeds.

The meaning of a dream may depend also on the color of kittens. Black kitten predicts minor troubles, the solution of which requires your intuition. Gray kitten portends difficulties in the financial sector. It is worth considering whether the costs exceed the funds received. Red kittens symbolize problems in love affairs. If you are married for a long time, this dream bodes small troubles; but new relationship can fall apart. Striped kitten promises trouble as well as positive aspects. Small adversity will be replaced with success; however it will not last for long.

The only kitten that brings good luck is a snow white kitten. This dream promises an unexpected pleasant surprise and joyful event in the foreseeable future.

If you dreamed of a kitten threatened with danger and but you couldn’t save it, this dream forebodes financial revenues. At the same time, if you left the kitten in trouble, you will experience unexpected financial losses. In the near future you should be wary of pickpockets.

Although little kittens promise trouble, you should not be afraid of them. This dream doesn’t portend major troubles; they will be small and temporary. However, you should still be alert in order to outlive this period with minimal losses.